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Re: We're designing a solution for this - 940 pixels

Detail Man wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

To demonstrate my point made (in the post linked to in my post addressed to DPReview's Scott Everett) as that point (also) applies to images such as this one ...

... because it has no sRGB ICC Color Profile included within it's image-file meta-data, the color rendering when viewed will be off when viewed on wide-gamut monitors when using any browser other than Firefox 3.6+ with color management enabled (which is the default setting in Firefox). Other internet browsers will apply the monitor's ICC Color Profile only - and will not apply a sRGB ICC Color Profile in rendering the image. Strange, but this unfortunate fact seems to be a reality.

DPReview may consider this to be the problem and responsibility of the uploading user. However, since DPR specifically adds a widely used HP sRGB ICC Color profile to the image-file meta-data of all in-post displayed images derived from JPG images uploaded to DPR Image Galleries (as well as the "Large", "Medium", and "Small" images viewable and download-able from DPR Image Gallery web-pages), they could just as easily (also) do so in the case of images such as this one (where the uploaded JPG original has been purposely restricted to a maximum pixel-dimension of 940 pixels by the uploading user).

If DPReview was to specifcally add the same HP sRGB ICC Color Profile to all images which are cached for display in posts (or as linked to by the "original size" link), then all such images would display (in sRGB color space) on wide-gamut monitors. Otherwise, the above described color rendering problems will exist with any internet browser other than Firefox 3.6+ with color management enabled.

If DPReview would like to allow users the option of "embedding" their own ICC Color Profiles in the image-file meta-data of such uploaded (to DPR Image Gallery, or directly uploaded to a forum post) JPG images, they could detect whether an embedded ICC Color profile (already) exists in the uploade image's meta-data - and (in that particular case) leave the the uploaded image-file's meta-data alone. Otherwise, the HP sRGB ICC Color Profile would be automatically added prior to being displayed in DPR Forum posts.

A post by gollywop explaining, as well as demonstrating the issues with post-images, is here:


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