SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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Re: Learn to clean the sensor rather than wasting time on petitions

Leo360 wrote:

aggressor wrote:

If past experience is any indication, Nikon may require quite a bit of convincing to fix this problem. Remember how long it took Nikon to acknowledge D800 left focusing issue? Whatever practical solution you choose for the moment, sustained loud complaints seem to be a requirement for Nikon to even start looking at the possibility that a problem might be real.

FYI, Nikon has not yet acknowledged D800 left AF problem. They are fixing the bodies strictly on case by case basis.


You are right, Nikon did not officially acknowledge D800 left focusing issue, which makes the company even more messed up than I previously thought. At least they have acknowledged it unofficially and are fixing the cameras. But even this only happened after a very long and vocal campaign by affected customers. This just shows how much loud complaining will be required to make Nikon even look at D600 problem of severe dust and oil on sensor after every few shots.

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