Confession of a Lazy JPG Snap Shooter

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Mostly interesting and a bit more civilized input. Thanks all and please see input...(more)

to some inquiries and new items to me.

To AarSee and birders: With limited budget, cheap vintage audio caught me almost two years ago and I am already stabilizing in here; thus, started to do more regular birding a few months back. While typing this, doing a listening test to a cheap tube integrated amp from China (already did some tube rolling) and a Mission M71i bookshelf speaker (I have an older Mission 707 model) I got this morning at $25 from a nearby flea market. Mostly looking for cheap and good vintage stuff from Goodwill, Salvation Army and flea markets for frankenspeaker projects (already built some). Also learned to do speaker driver surround replacement and minor physical repair. For amps/receivers/other electronics, just doing basic maintenance and check. Target to design some basic speakers next year for fun (still need software and a well trained ears :-).) Overall I am enjoying this as before I was just listening and now, I am interacting as well. It is nice to be a beginner in this tinkering stuff as there are so many things to learn.

To Draek: Strange input and my opening line was supposed to be a cheap take from AA (Alcoholic Anonymous). I visited your online shot and no further comments.

To Dennis: I can't remember you doing much flowers but welcome as after birds; flowers and insect macros occupied most of my remaining photographic fun time. Here is a fun peanut butter and jelly shot to your artsy macaroni and cheese.

JPG and just cropped, no PP. It was a tough red rose for the A700. After several test shots, took some like the above that I like. Not great and I know RAW would probably tame it better but I like it as is.

To others, thanks again for input and have a nice one.

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