D200 Guy seeks input from D800 Owners...

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Re: D200 Guy seeks input from D800 Owners...

I purchased a D800 which has had no issues.Yes the files are large and had to upgrade ram and also purchased a couple of 3TB external drives.There is a bit of an ajustment period. When you download your files from the D800, do your post processing and then produce a 24x36 gigcle print .Place it on your wall and this what you will be amazed by the image quality and you will than forget all about a D600, save up the extra money for the D800.You will never be disapointed and see yourself progress to become a better photographic artist that will amaze all the people who see your beautiful 24x36 prints and just say wow.When the D600 came out I was thinking of selling my D800 and purchasing two D600 body's so I don't have to deal with dust issues by having to change lenses all the time.I know that I will not have to upgrade for a long time with the D800. I feel a real rush when I shoot with it, being able to concentrate on making the best image in front of me, knowing what the results will be when I enlarge to 24x36.Nikon D800, no regrets because it sets the bar high which makes me a better photographic digital artist.

George from London Ontario.

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