anyone remember how bottled water was marketed, pre-60's?

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Re: anyone remember how bottled water was marketed, pre-60's?

jrg wrote:

Everywhere you go now you can get “bottled” water, that is water in a plastic gallon jug. But it occurred to me, I don’t remember because as a kid I grew up in New York where we had good water and this was before the “bottled pure water” craze took off, but if you indeed needed water supplies for say like a camping trip, what kind of water selection was there? Remember: pre-60’s, everything was bottled in glass. Glass adds weight, is breakable. So anyone remember how bottled water was marketed?

I don't remember water being something that had any marketable value back in those days, so I can't recall it even being available other than 'on tap'.  For camping you either went somewhere that had a well, water spigots, or a running stream.  The cooler was reserved for beer and soda.  I think it may have been available in cans for stashing away in your nuclear bunker, but as far as it being carried in supermarkets I don't remember it being on the shelves where I lived.

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