FZ150 with TC-E15ED teleconverter: Disappointment

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Re: FZ150 with TC-E15ED teleconverter: Disappointment

One of the things to keep in mind when you are using a teleconverter is that there will always be some chromatic aberation. There is an algorithm  in the processing engine of your camera that corrects for the CA in your FZ150 lens, as well as any barrel or pincushion effects giving you a nearly perfect looking picture. Now you go and slap more glass in front and your JPEG processor is not set up to correct for that additional glass, hence, you will see the CA in your prints. There are ways to reduce that in post processing.

The Nikon TC's use low dispersion glass which ends up with the lowest CA of the many TC's out there.

I have a collage of test shots that I took using the ISO 12233 test target. I adjusted the zoom to fill the frame so that the numbers you see are 100X lines per picture height. I heavilly cropped the resultant photos in an effort see any degradation in resolution with and without the TC, which in this case was an Olympus B-300. If you pixel peep further you can see a couple pixel width of color fringing on the TC shots.

I have run similar testing using Jimmy's test charts and had similar results. My results track his excellent article he referenced in a previous post. Jimmy provided much appreciated guidance in this experiment.

My results show pretty similar resolution with and without the TC, and a definite degradation in resolution as you reduce the aperture. This effect has been noted by others. To reduce potential variations, I maintained a constant ISO 100, and when varying the aperture, I compensated with shuter speed to maintain a constant exposure level.

FZ150 with and without a B-300 Teleconverter for various apertures.

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