D800 Serial # 3053xxx, Should I send it back?

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Moondancer Forum Member • Posts: 74
Re: Live view af vs regular af pix

Moondancer wrote:

These two image comparisons actually look quite all right. In my opinion these samples show you may have good left AF. If the center and right AF are also similarly good then it's a good body.

Sorry I must correct my earlier response as I don't wish to misinform you.

While these two sample images look good, I noticed they were taken at 170mm. The left AF issue really starts showing up at around 35mm or below with small aperture numbers like 2.8 or less. If your sample images look this good to slightly worse with <28mm and f/2.8, then your D800 does not have the LAF issue. I would recommend researching a bit on this forum for the proper testing conditions if you really want to know.

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