DPR K5II vs K5IIs Studio Shots are Up

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Re: DPR K5II vs K5IIs Studio Shots are Up

johnbee wrote:

yudi wrote:

The yellow/blue/...yellow/blue/ pattern on the K5IIs coin surface is very annoying, while this pattern is not on K5II coin.

I also saw the same patter on Canon 5D Mark III coin, though, not on Nikon D800, D800e, Pentax D645, and etc.

That would be moire.

The coin seems to be quite susceptible to this and often an early indicator of a weaker or missing AA filter. That being said, the effect can be addressed or removed with certain RAW developers such as Light Room and Adobe Camera Raw.

I think you'll find that the colour moiré pattern on the coin is blurred away by the different JPEG processing of the cameras as it is actually present for all three models in raw conversion, although stronger for the K-5 IIs with no Anti-Aliasing (AA) filter at all.

One has to be careful in comparing for moiré patterns across different pixel density cameras as the effect will only look the same at the same sampling frequency per image detail.  In order to compare the difference cameras for tendency for moiré the distance from the test scene would have to be increased for the higher pixel density cameras so the sampling frequency per image detail would be the same, which is not done for the test images.  Even if it were done, the lenses (even though very sharp lenses are chosen for the test images) might not be sharp enough to be able to show as severe colour moiré problems, which just goes to prove that as pixel densities keep increasing, the AA filter will become less and less necessary.

As well as raw converter techniques of reducing or eliminating colour moiré patterns, there are also procedures using image editors such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro layers that can do the same, so for the few cases where it appears and might affect the overall image, I wouldn't consider it a big problem.

Regards, GordonBGood

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