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Re: Looking for thoughts

My thoughts:

The GH3 is big, and that is good for people who want a camera with good ergonomics and proper size buttons and dials in locations not cramping us. It means M43 is maturing and now has a range of sizes in their cameras to suit different needs, and also different special features for those who need them, e.g. weather proofing and really advanced video features, which are not both if at all available in APS-C DSLRs. M43 is no longer just about being smaller in size at the expense of features and IQ, like a sub standard system. It is increasingly becoming an alternative or an addition to DSLRS, and direct replacement for the DSLR. The trend is clear with the latest high-end M43 products such as the OMD, the GH3 and the high quality lenses, such as the Olympus 75mm, 60mm macro, or the Pansonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm

So, having one M43 model that is as big as DSLRs is not a problem, but more freedom of choice. If you need something smaller, and still have reasonable handling, get the G5, or the OMD with the optional grip. What Panasonic deserve some criticism for, is not giving G5 the same sensor as the GH3, so that it is a better alternative for those who do not want DSLR size or need and want to pay for the advanced video features. The G5 is not the ideal alterantive however, as it has a sensor that is essentially the same in IQ as the 2-year-old GH2. (Check the DXOMark scores). Now, that is disappointing, especially when Olympus gives the E-PL5 and E-PM2 the same sensor (and AF) as in the OMD E-M5.

If anyone is troubled by the bigger size, there are besides the G5, also the E-M5 and E-PL5. What Olympus, and also Panasonic, deserve some criticism for is that there is no compact camera with everything built in, like a GX1 or E-PL5 type of camera with EVF and flash built-in. Like a NEX-6.  Having to go to the bigger and heavier E-M5 or GH3 (and paying for weather proofing or advanced video as well), or having to get a G5 (which is still fairly bulky and lacking the latest sensor IQ), is disappointing for people who want a small convenient and versatile camera and expect to find it in what is supposed to be the most developed mirrorless system.

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