The Sunday BIRD Volume 8, Issue 21. November 11, 2012

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Northern Harrier

Still more from 2/17 at the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert. Not as nice as Richard's but I'm working on it.

E30 and Bigma.

He was getting nice and close but was looking down while hunting. He finally looked up and gave me a nice view of his eyes and could have given me the best shot I've had of this bird yet. I've often opined that while primes are still sharper than zooms, although less so than in the past I would always prefer to have the flexibilty to zoom with the lens rather than my feet. When you're at the water's edge you can't do the foot zoom anymore, unless you're Collin and willing to fight crocodiles to get the shot. The only problem is that if you have a zoom you must remember to use it when the bird is flying at you.

Yargghhhh!!! I doubt CS6 with it's content aware thingy could fix this cropped off bird.

These others were shot from the wrong side of the sun but it was where I could get a view of the field. I had to do some pixel pulling and pushing to try and get some light on the face. You take what you can get.

Maybe two more posts to follow. I'll wait till tomorrow so I don't hog up the available posting limit.

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