E-PL5, first real-life shot and some info

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Re: E-PL5, first real-life shot and some info

Jorginho wrote:

I went into the city to try the CA-F with TR setting. I set it on 8 FPS which is a bit too much. But, if you do that, almost always you get several shots well in focus. Sometimes 9 out of 10.

Are you referring to this thread?
Continuous AF doesn't work with 8 FPS shooting. If these were shot at 8 FPS then your shots were focused at first frame, then focus remained constant.
DOF at that distance was probably too wide to see the difference. C-AF only works with low speed bursts - 3.5 FPS max (4.2 FPS for OM-D AFAIK).

Although I find that grip rather ugly, I need it.

OK, few more camera porn. Maybe you'll find at least one not ugly. The second one is with stock E-PL5 grip.
And I added FL-300R flash to the mix just in case, for variety. I don't want to be shooting all combinations again. Nice match with flash, BTW.

Black color would probably look better but I figured that I already have black camera, I don't need another one. IMO silver 45mm lens looks ugly on black camera, so I got silver camera and white grip with it, no regrets.

E-PL5 and black MCG-2 grip

stock grip

The grip may look ugly but it's very practical. It's ideally suited for middle and fourth fingers - very convenient to hold the camera.Then the ledge on E-PL5 is right in place for thumb and forefinger lays on shutter. At least it feels right for my slightly larger than average hand.

To be honest, E-P3 has ideal size for me. E-PL5 is just a bit smaller, I would prefer couple more millimeters of room for forth finger when using heavy lens, but it seems good enough as is.

And re: large grip. With heavier and longer lens you can actually carry camera with one middle finger - one finger will hook the grip and carry the camera with lens like 45-200mm and bigger. Same with large flash too. No need to buy GH3 for better handling.

E-PL5, MCG-2 grip and 1 pound lens. Just to illustrate balancing and grasping

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