DP1M/DP2M - worthwhile for JPEG only ?

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Re: DP1M/DP2M - worthwhile for JPEG only ?

The JPEGs from this camera are excellent.  Buy the camera just for that, but realize that you will be sacrificing a few things.  One thing is the potential of what the sensor can provide.  It will always be there if you are interested down the road. The other thing you will be sacrificing is paying for battery life because of this sensor potential that you will not utilize.

You can be confident that the sensor will produce some amazing images even in JPEG mode.


Truggs wrote:

Hi All

I did not want to start a this vs that thread and so my question is: if I do not believe that I will ever have the time or more honestly the inclination to learn and follow through on PP' ing of RAW images then would the DP1M/ DP2M still be worth the learning curve of the Sigma style for JPEG only shooting ?

I mostly take photos of landscape & nature etc in other words stationary scenes/objects and so the other quirks of Merrill ownership do not really worry me eg speed of focus, write times etc.

The three cameras I am interested in are very different but to my tiny mind very similar - DP2M, Fuji XE1 and the old Digilux 2. All are very manual with controls and/or simplicity that are hands on rather than menu hunting and loads of effects.

The XE1 is at the absolute top of my budget and is in there because the reviews of its JPEG images are so positive.

The Digilux 2 just because it is a digital classic that turns out amazing images for such a small sensor and yes I know it is the photographer not the camera that sees the image but this is as analogue as it gets and is beautifully hands on.

As for the DP Merrill's well you all know why they are on the list - image quality, single lens, small and portable blah blah.......what made me worry was reading the review on Luminous Lanscape that said the camera was not worth it for people who did not want to spend the time on the work flow after the image was taken. Then I read on Steve Huff that the JPEGS are excellent.

Most of the posts on forums have been re RAW and so I would like to know the thoughts of anyone else using these amazing cameras for JPEG only.

Thanks for any help & thoughts - apologies if this is old hat to all of you !



PS I might well end up moving to RAW one day but at the moment I am having fun learning the basics of photography let alone dodging, burning, fading and curving .....:)

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