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XFitter wrote:

hm, good points about the onboard resolution. Maybe I will check out the retinas more closely...

Just a quick follow up. I too had some concern about the "visual real-estate" and stopped by the Apple store today to compare the different settings. Remember I am used to the 15" MBP (nonretina) which provides a lot of work room space on the desktop, see the above numbers for the exact amount in a previous post. I found that I could switch the settings on the fly with the 13" rMBP and didn't notice any drop off in performance despite having several windows open running videos at the same time in the store. I then opened Aperture and switched it to the "best for retina" setting and the desktop size was again a bit smaller.

Per the Ars article -

"The 13" Retina MacBook Pro offers optional display settings to give you more workspace in exchange for smaller type and GUI elements. By default, the display is configured to the "Retina (Best)" setting, which is like a 1280×800 pixel display. However, there are two settings for "More Space," which are equivalent to 1440×900 and 1680×1050 pixel displays."

Therefore, I will do most of my work/surfing related stuff in the 1440x900 setting and image editing in the 1280x800. The switch is two simple clicks, no problem. And I could not tell any difference in the image "quality" between the two settings. I was once again blown away by the visual crispness of the retina display... once you get one, there is no going back.

Hope this helps.

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