Nex 7 Kit lense blurry side at 18mm...

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Re: Nex 7 Kit lense blurry side at 18mm...

creeker wrote:

Nexographer wrote:

Well, I don't want to discourage you, but many lenses suffer from this decentering defect. I have used 2 different SEL 18-55 lenses (both came as kit with NEX-5 and now 5r) and they both show unequal sharpness across the frame, depending on focal lenght. My SEL 18-200 is fine at 18mm, but at the longer focal lengths also the right side is extremely unsharp. And I have yet to get a Sigma lens (tried plenty with Nikon mount over the last years) that do not show some degree of decentering.

It's just sloppy QC by the manufacturers.

I don't believe it's a QC issue. I think it's the design of the lens. The reviews for the 18-55mm kit lens indicate it is alright in the center but not so at the edges. The review in this link shows very close to how my copy performs, and the results that I have seen others post. For the cost, it is a decent walk around kit lens, and a person should not expect much more than that from it. JMHO

If it's really blurry on one side and not the other, that doesn't sound like a design issue, unless it's prone to going out of alignment or something.  I have another lens that is like that....  One that seems to be highly regarded.

Aside from decentering problems, the 18-55 has always been known to be at its worst at 18mm with a wide aperture.  Knowing that, try not to do that unless you need to or unless you can just accept the loss in quality.  At f8, it's pretty decent, but I guess each individual is going to have to decide if that's good enough.    It's still not going to be best at 18mm though.

Anyway, cameras and lenses have limitations.  Work around them, live with them, or cough up more money for something else.

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