6TB Hard Drives might be the new normal for the D800

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Manzur Fahim
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wow, looks like I'm the only crazy one here :-(

I am running a 2 x 4TB RAID1, and a 8TB RAID6 as a second backup, External offline backup and a cloud backup of all my images.

The new Seagate 3TB ones only have a year warranty, which only makes me suspicious, and WD GP drives are too slow to be in RAID, so I went for Hitachi 4TB for RAID. They are fast and has three years warranty. I do use WD 3TB for my other storage needs and a Corsair 240GB SSD for Windows 8.

This was the setup before I purchased D800. Now it is feeling up way quicker than I thought But looking at all of your storage solutions, I can say that I am crazy Although can't just blame D800, those test shoots with Hasselblad and PhaseOne are the culprit too.

I'm giving it six months before I need to expand my RAIDs.

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