Some Thoughts on Travelling With a DSLR Kit

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Re: Some Thoughts on Travelling With a DSLR Kit

WilbaW wrote:

Time for an update on the discussion of taking a computer when travelling.

I sold the cute little netbook (that went around the world) to a friend at work and she loves it. Got an Asus Transformer (pretty standard 10" Android tablet), and the docking keyboard for it that has USB ports and an internal SD card reader, thus fixing the main problems with tablets for backup and review.

I found the tablet wonderful for showing photos, with all the swipe and pinch gestures making it a very involving tactile experience. It's fine for consuming other media, like movies and music, or streaming TV shows over WiFi from the web to a TV via HDMI, and the whole Android thing is a lot of fun.

I tried out moving raw files around and viewing the embedded JPEGs, and it seemed okay. Then I took it on a trip and found that it just couldn't do the job with multiple files. It often crashed when copying more than a handful of raw files from the SD card, and again when trying to preview them from internal memory. I realised I had to go back to a PC to do the heavy lifting of file management and storage.

So, Ultrabooks - most come with basic monitors that are pretty horrible for reviewing, editing, or displaying photos. I settled on a Samsung Series 9, which has an amazing 1600x900 13" monitor, a 120GB solid-state drive, and is only half an inch thick. It's basically a Windows take on the Macbook Air (I'm not a Mac man, but if you're into them the MBA is highly recommended). This is the computer I really wanted in the beginning!

Even though high-capacity SD cards are dirt cheap now, I still want to have a computer with me when I'm travelling, for e-mail, web, watching movies on planes... and definitely for file back up and review. I've learnt the hard way that I can't solve that challenge for only a few hundred dollars, it takes some serious dosh. I hope that might help someone else to avoid the same dead ends.

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Hey, I did the same... I had a netbook and then decided to go with an Asus Transformer (Infinity) - I love the docking keyboard that I can plug a full-sized SD card into!  I haven't traveled with it much yet, though.  Do you think the transformer will be powerful enough if I shoot raw + jpeg (maybe one of the lower resolution/quality... after all I have the full sized raws and will just use the jpegs for e-mailing and posting and viewing on the pad) and then just use the transformer to view the jpegs and upload them to facebook... leaving the big raw files on the card?

What were you using to view raws on the Transformer?

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