D800, why no articulating screen

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Teila Day
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Just another liability for what most pros don't need

h2odavid wrote:

Why does Nikon put articulating screens on their prosumer, but not pro bodies? It would be great to have for odd angle shots on a tripod and for movies.

I back in the 90's I used a Coolpix 900s with a swivel body/screen design which was great, but when you articulate anything on a camera you add another element that can go wrong over a conventional model, especially when manufacturers aren't building flip out screen arms with high grade robust materials pros cant trust against the person at the wedding not looking where they're going and bumping into your screen that's flipped out to the side waiting for someone to knock it off, etc..

The main thing is that there's too many other things they need to fix in a pro body before adding that stuff.


Teila K. Day

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