The Sunday BIRD Volume 8, Issue 21. November 11, 2012

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In the Bath

All birds love to bathe – in a bird bath, in a stream or in a puddle.... These pictures are from a couple of the several bird baths we provide to them in the yard. The Robin among all comers clearly get's into it and enjoys it the most.

300mm f/7.1@1/640 ISO 800

A Start

263mm f/6.3@1/400 ISO 800

277mm f/8@1/600 ISO 1250

277mm f/8@1/800 ISO 1250

All taken with the E-30. I believe that I had the monopod with me but I don't remember exactly. All taken in shade with some struggles that keeps me thinking about those 16 MP sensors and gives me more GAS to suppress.....

BTW all birds like and need to bathe. I recently included a picture in one of these threads of our Cooper's hawk taking advantage of the bath but my wife just pointed out that the Nov. issue of Birds and Blooms contains a picture of an eagle using one as for foot bath (unlike the hawk there is no room to sit.) !!

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