SX50 Mini-Review Take One - Initial Observations, SX50 vs SX40, and Images

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Re: SX50 Mini-Review Take One - Initial Observations, SX50 vs SX40, and Images

Dale Buhanan wrote:

Great mini-review Vision. You brought out many of the fine nuances of the camera, and I agreed with what you had to say. I also have both camreas (still) but have not yet seen the low light focus speed observation that you made. I'm going to go try that right now. I have found that outside the SX50 focuses considerably faster than the sX40 and I have also been quite impressed by what it can do. Image quality is slightly better as you observed.

I'm going to go check out the low light focus speed on both cameras and see what mine do.

Lovely kitchen. It looks exactly the same color as ours does with many of the same kind and size of cabinets. I think your is a bit larger however. Very nice work you did.

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I just did a focus speed comparison between my SX40 and SX50 in very dim light.  I was looking through the door into a closet and trying to focus on the handle of a suitcase about 10 feet away with both cameras.  The light to focus was marginal and both camera struggled a little.  I got perhaps 20% focus failures with both cameras 1/5), so the light was really dim in there.  It was close enough though that I could see the sX40 had a green focus assist lamp and the SX50 has a blue focus assist lamp.  Curious...  I hadn't been aware of that before.

Anyway, the speed seemed to be pretty much the same for both of the cameras under these conditions to me.  It was marginal, but the focus assist lamps no doubt helped.

Conclusion, outdoors in good light, the SX50 is about twice as fast.  Indoors in very dim light, both cameras seemed about the same to me.  If they were going to lock, they both locked about as quickly.  If they were not able to lock, the both took about the same amount of time to give up.

It surely made it obvious that the EVF on the sX50 is about 20% larger than the SX40. I could also read text with the SX50, that was too small to read with the sX40 at the same zoom setting.  So, the EVF has been improved.  That being said, it is still pretty lousy, but a step in the right direction.

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