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Teila Day
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cris_uk gave the absolute best option but...

chris_uk wrote:

Your best option is to take the baby to a bright area where no flash is needed.

The problem is that he's using the D2x which was never the best high iso beast in the bunch to begin with, so even in decent light, the OP is likely going to have to use flash anyway.

Renting or borrowing a more modern body (D700, D3, etc..) would  take care of the problem because he could shoot at 3200 iso with confidence which isn't even a remote possibility with the D2x (nor is 1600 for that matter)... not sure if the OP would want to take the D2x above 800 iso (I'm sweating just thinking about it)

Next best thing is to take all contraptions off the flash (except for the Nikon diffuser that comes with the sb800) and bounce a bit of light off the ceiling.  This is one text-book example where a hand held light meter could make all the difference in the world by saving a lot of trial-and-error time.

Wide angle lens to catch and ambiance of the event and to enable relatively low shutter speeds... a fast lens would also help.

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