6TB Hard Drives might be the new normal for the D800

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RomanJohnston wrote:

Problem might not be storage.

It might be a quantity over quality thing.

I had to battle that a long time ago.



Let's put it this way.    It's not only the RAW 14-bit D800/e files ... it's the PSD files I end up with.

Every week  I  will probably shoot  2-3 (sometimes 5) event days.   At min one convention/conferance/event that is all day a month.  (last month there was 3)

Just last weekends event that was two days ... on the main SAT it was all day (not counting the day before Media day) ... over 100 subjects , with a min of 2-3 shots each ... one maybe at the hook up, one on the rail, one on the Wall and or a group shot.  And then there was promo shots. Some will be used for Advertising.

Of all those shots you can see my edit down of what was published on the web (below link).  BUT, at least 3 of the set shots was kept to be given to the participants , and you never know which will be actually used to Advertising next year. 

and of course I am always amazed at what some (a few) of the participants like.


The weekend before that was a all day Forum with meetings and Speaches.  This weekend there is tonight and tomorrow with a upload monday morning.

It's not a save everything.  But what is being saved along with PSD edits (even flattened)  is adding up fast.

Just saying,


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