Just how good is the 20/1.7?

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Had Both

First picked up the 20mm.  Then added the 25mm.  (Also have the 45mm, 75mm, and the Rokinon 7.5mm primes.  Only one I'm missing is the 12mm prime.)   Sold off the 25mm.   Reason - the 20mm simply suited my vision much more for an all around prime.  It's just wide enough to work for how I see the world.  The 25mm did not though it is nominally faster in low light.    Both are very good lens.    The fact that the 20mm is so compact is a bonus. Focusing speed is good enough for me with the EM5.

In short, if budget is limited, I would go for the 20mm and add a bit more money and spring for the 45mm over the 45mm.  If money is no object, then you can get both 20 and 25mm.  For me, it was not the cost but the fact that I did not want to carry another lens that I would not use that often.   The 20mm is closer to 18mm which is what I do prefer.


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