Very First Maternity Shoot - Feedback please :)

Started Nov 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Very First Maternity Shoot - Feedback please :)

Hi Sam,

This picure will probably look great on Facebook or other social media.  The pose isn't what I would desire, but may be exactly what your model wanted.  I would have included her face looking lovingly at the baby in her body.  That aside, there are some things about your camera setup that would have improved your shot, as the picture is soft, grainy and overexposed.  Let's start with your shutter speed.  1/40th, though nearly 2x your focal length, is still a little too slow to overcome camera shake or model movement.  I would suggest 1/125th sec.  ISO 1600 is getting into the danger zone for portraits unless you're really in a bind to get the shot.  I think you have some room for play, here.  You went to -1 EV to try to compensate for too much light, so you could easily have reduced your ISO to 400.  Your aperture, at 5.6, could have been reduced to 4.0 to allow your SS to be increased.  I hope this all makes sense to you.  There are a couple of quick ways to use your camera to meter the scene, allowing you to then switch to manual and home in on exactly what you're looking for.  This can actually be done in about 30 seconds, once you get used to it.  I don't know your skill level but if you'd like, I'd be happy to explain them.


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