FZ200 - Very poor results in hockey rink today

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Re: FZ200 - Very poor results in hockey rink today

eagle2a wrote:

giraffe wrote:

Also just came back from an indoor hockey rink shooting photos of my grandson. Had to pump up the ISO to 800 and stationary shots were OK (ie when they were facing off). However, lots of noise - have to run them through a noise reduction program before processing. I think I could get up to 5x7 size printouts. Getting action shots was darn near impossible - I got lucky on one or two. Tried 2 and 5 shot bursts, single burst, AFS as well as AFC. Not sure if this camera is a good one for indoor low light action shots - might be asking a little much from a $600 camera.

Afterwords went to a conservation area to ensure camera continued to work in cold weather as my last camera was returned as it didn't like cold weather. So far it is working better than the 1st camera. I have had the "power on and power on camera" message but only once.

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Bert D

Bert: These are interesting observations, but then how do you explain the results that Juggler got at this dance competition using burst mode?


This is a very interesting thread that juggler has started and I recommend it to all FZ200 owners.


Don, I have read Jugglers thread from top to bottom and actually just asked him a question on whether he tried AFC versus AFS mode. I am still not sure of the difference between these modes and the advantages of each even though I have read the manual numerous times but this was the 1st time I tried action shots indoors. His dance shots are excellent. Might be different lighting conditions (the arena I was in is certainly not bright), might be different speed (skating versus dancing) or might be me or the camera. My stationary shots came out excellent (a little noisy) but trying to capture skating action shots at a shutter speed of max 1/100 is certainly not the easiest thing to do. A later thread suggested something I am well aware of but didn't do - use exposure compensation and overexpose due to the white ice - that may help with the noise. Next time I will also try manual exposure. Still a learning process with this camera.

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Bert D

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