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Re: Full res photo and camera settings

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Thank you for all the comments, I am glad you like the photos, I wanted to post those pictures as there are messages in the forum to evaluate the camera's performance by some non practical tests. FZ200 has a good performance on high iso and they are totally usable in many cases.The trick that I recommend is, "don't under expose high iso photos".

The camera was at the JPEG fine setting and the photo style was set to custom,

contrast =+1
sharpness = +1

I set 5.5fps with AF and it worked like a charm. AF was at AF-S and very quick and accurate (faster than 5D Mk II/85mm f/1.2 combo) Most of the photos were in focus. The 'continuous shot with focus" is an interesting feature (2fps/Af and 5.5fps/Af), actually the camera is at Af single, but when you start shooting, it tracks the subject. And it performs surprisingly well.. If you can get the focus in the first shot, camera rarely misses it at the following shots.

Melih - great photos and shows what camera is capable of and thank you for the information on the settings you used. I just have 1 question - could you please explain what you mean by "the continuous shot with focus is an interesting feature". Do you mean AFC versus AFS and did you use AFC at all during this dance competition? Thanks

I uploaded a full res photo to my album (Metu Open), I don't know if Dpreview resizes it or lowers the quality (when you choose 'original' you can see the photo at full size) but I recommend you to judge the photo by looking at the detail level (for example the ear ring) It is noisy, but the detail level is well retained. When i say "it is noisiy", I mean 'it is noisy when you enlarge the photo 100%'.. Our screens are at 72 dpi resolution.. so if you enlarge a 4000x3000 px photo to 100% on your screen and look at it from 30cm, it is like you printed that photo to 4000/72=4.63feet (141cm) x 3000/72=3.47 feet (105.8 cm) and look at it from 30cm.. So, if you consider practical uses of the photos you take, FZ200 is a perfect camera.

link to the photo:




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