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Re: Absolutely no issues with the D600

DVSteve wrote:

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Well I believe around 200,000 D600's have been sold, and I think that number is low based on production figures that have been floating around. Tally up all the oil complaints on this forum, maybe 5-10 of them.

Pointless to say unless all 200,000 D600 owners are members of this forum. Since not all of the owners are on this forum, the percentage of people with the oil stains (reported on this forum) greatly increases.

And may I add, how many of those 200000 are actually in the hands of consumers yet?

Where is that 200,000 figure coming from? Nikon?  I think the spin doctors are working full time protecting the brand and the stock holders.  I think the Nikon dealers are getting screwed just as much as the consumers.  They have to scramble to keep their customers satisfied, but they have to toe the line of the nikon machine who's SOP is to deny deny deny.

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