Leica X2 love and first impressions

Started Nov 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Leica X2 love and first impressions

For street shooting, I don't find any of the compact AF cameras to be ideal. I find the AF more than likely gets in my way ... either through the issues of timing or by missing the important focus point.

I get good results with the X2 for this using manual zone focus. Set it to f/8, set the focus for 6' to near infinity, and it becomes much more responsive, IMO. The X2 retains the focus setting through power cycles so it's just a matter of powering on, framing, releasing the shutter. No AF lag, no "did the darn thing nab the right focus point" etc.

Of course, if the light is such that you need to be near wide open, turn on AF and face detection ... it's slower, the timing can get in the way, but you'll get sharp results.

(I generally prefer to use the GXR-M or the M9 for street shooting. The X2 is my "casual, at hand" choice because of its size and weight.)

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