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The following is a first cut review of the applications I chose to evaluate. Some of these applications were installed, tried and uninstalled as they didn't make the cut.

I will be hanging on to PhotoLine, Nikon Capture NX2, DxO Optics Pro, RawTherapee and LightRoon 4 for further testing and evaluation. These applications exhibit good inital characteristics that warrant going through their learning curves before making any sudden judgments. I am seriously unimpressed with PhotoShop Elements 11, I had expected a more solid product with much better support by now. 64 bit computing has been around since Windows XP Pro and that was 2005, more than y years ago. C'mon Adobe, get with the program, same complaint for Corel and Serif. If you want the public to pay bleeding edge prices, then we should be getting bleeding edge technology. The stuttering menus in PhotoShop Elements was really disconcerting and even happened after a reboot so it was not an install artifact or anomaly.

The comments listed are my subjective observations.


  • Lightning fast browser
  • Geared to RAW processing
  • Uses Adobe Lens correction profiles
  • More menus than DxO Optics Pro or Nikon Capture NX2
  • Some Not Responding time
  • Geared to RAW processing
  • Professional level
  • Unorthodox User Interface, non-intuitive
  • Exhibits various bugs in User Interface and behaviours
  • Still a work in progress
  • I could do without the fancy scroll work used in some areas of the User Interface
  • Steep learning curve

Nikon Capture NX2

  • 64 bit native
  • No png files
  • Professional level
  • Geared to RAW processing
  • Support for camera and lens
  • Llens correction profiles built into lens are then embedded into RAW file and automatically processed by Capture NX2
  • Lightning fast browser
  • User Interface is traditional with novel method for adjusting Black, Neutral, White and Colour control points and the level of influence, intuitive
  • Easy to learn

DxO Optics Pro 8

  • Lightning fast browser
  • Detected camera and lens and downloaded appropriate correction profiles, these profiles are developed through extensive optical testing by DxO
  • Does HDR
  • Uses GPU to process images
  • Professional level
  • No png files
  • Geared to RAW processing
  • Strong Rival to Nikon Capture NX2
  • Steep learning curve

Google Picasa 3

  • 32 bit native
  • Limited Tools
  • Opened Nikon NEF files
  • Did a good job of indexing all images and moves
  • Rapid startup
  • Very clean uninstall


  • Steep learning curve
  • Lots of Tools
  • Lots of Menus
  • Lots of separate plugins to locate and install
  • Slow operation
  • Lots of Not Responding time
  • Separate Help Install
  • Sophisticated but not conducive to rapid workflow
  • Uninstall not clean
  • User Interface is non-conventional as is the multi-panel display arrangement
  • Steep Learning curve

PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.7.1

  • 32 bit native
  • Could not see Nikon NEF files
  • Lots of Tools
  • Very Busy menus
  • Rapid Startup
  • Dirty uninstall
  • Lots of separate plugins to install


  • 64 bit native
  • Opens Nikon NEF files
  • Lots of Tools
  • Lots of Menus
  • Better feature set than Corel Paintshop Pro X3
  • Could be a keeper
  • Installer installed 32 bit native and 64 bit native


  • 64 bit native
  • I could do without the fancy scroll work used in some areas of the User Interface
  • Various operations when changing menus are slow
  • No Layers
  • Steep learning curve due to User Interface

Photoshop Elements

  • 32 bit native
  • The Organizer crashed while importing media, dropped itself down to offer Debugging
  • Slow to open Nikon NEF RAW file
  • Suddenly Windows complained the Synaptic Touch Pad driver was missing.
  • Funny thing about this, recently, all PC users with Windows 64 bit who had a fingerprint reader experienced continuous non-stop crashing when Adobe updated Flash automatically. It took them more than a month to fix the problem and that was achieved by regressing versions and then they updated that twice again and caused further crashing.
  • Menu selections stutter when moused over
  • If you open a RAW file as 16 bit, most of the important functions such as Layers do not work, you have to use 8 bit
  • Clean uninstall
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