NEX-6 - What was Sony thinking??

Started Nov 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: NEX-6 - What was Sony thinking??

I think I'll hang on to my NEX-7.  You are right, the CD card is hard to get out even on the NEX-7, I have to pinch it out with my fingernails.  If you have big fingers and bite your fingernails you are in deep do-do.  I was thinking about getting the new 16-50 mm pancake lens but then I noticed that the glass is right out there almost even with the front of the lens barrel.  Seems it would be easy to scratch or smudge.  And, I don't care for electronic zoom with a rocker lever.  I prefer manual zoom and there is no sun shade.  I also noticed that the lens retracts rather slowly when you turn off the camera.  Can you even put filters on it?  Now I have serious thoughts and may have to wait and see what else they have coming down the pike.  Then in-camera battery charging can be a problem as  well.

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