Better lens and post capture processing

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Re: Better lens and post capture processing

johnwt44137 wrote:

I want something that makes my photos "pop". That's where I'm wondering if its me not doing something correctly or being limited by body/lens combo. Not saying I don't get great shots I just want more consistency.

Nobody has that kind of consistency outside of a studio. Keep in mind that the photos you see from other people are almost always their best, and that they're not showing you all of their photos that aren't great. Ansel Adams has been quoted as saying that a good year was one in which he captured a dozen good photos.

As for "pop," well, I don't know what ​you ​mean by the word. I can't say that I've seen all that many photos that ​I ​would say have "pop." The ones that I personally find intriguing tend to be exactly the opposite of what most folks on these forums aspire to — they're intentionally unrealistic.

Speaking in general terms, you rarely get great photos by stumbling across something and snapping the shutter. The best photos are carefully planned, whether it's setting up and lighting a scene you've envisioned, or scouting out vantage points and waiting for the best time of year to snag a landscape shot.

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