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Re: Questions about the front cover


PS: Blurb has 2 landscape sizes 8x10 inches and 11x13 inches. The aspect ration is just a bit different. I was thinking when we make the book - we would just make both sizes at the same time (we can compensate with margins for the difference in aspect ratios, if needed). Then people can buy cheap versions for themselves and the expensive version as gifts

How are you thinking of doing it? One image per page or multiple? What about paper types, cover types etc. I did an album for someone using a firm here in Spain with photographic paper printed using the Durst Lambda process. It came out really stunning. Putting it together though was a lot of work (I used multiple images per page on a large album).

We were thinking one on one page and one or two on the other (your choice).

We are using Blurb books.  For the given size there are a variety of papers and covers (with corresponding differences in cost).  The books are reasonable in quality - as good as most you will see in a bookstore - probably not as good (or expensive) as what you are indicating

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