V1 at the cinema - with 35mm film spools

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Re: V1 at the cinema - with 35mm film spools

The Sony menu or controls aren’t difficult to understand. That’s not the problem.

First problem is the control ring without detents around the lens. I changed aperture accidentally without noticing when carrying the camera. So I changed the function of it to zoom. It’s too slow to do any fast zooming, but good for fine adjustments.

So far so good until you want to shoot in M mode. You change aperture with the scroll wheel at the back and shutterspeed with the control ring... oh f*** you can’t... it zooms. So you have to change the function of the control ring back to standard to use M mode.

Ok you’re a smart guy and just program one of the presets to M mode with control ring to standard. Huh... you can’t. You can only program items from the shooting menu. The control ring function is in the setting menu.

Like the V1 the RX100 has the ability to change the position of the AF spot. With the V1 it’s easy to do and works always by pressing the center button of the 4-way pad.
RX100: you have to change the focus mode in the menu to flexible spot and can then move the spot with the 4-way pad. Half press the shutter, but don’t change your mind and think you can adjust the position. The 4-way pad is no longer in position-change mode but back to normal function. You first have to go out of flexible spot mode and in again in the menu to adjust the position of the AF spot.

These are basic things I do all the times with my V1, which just don’t work with the RX100.

I also like to have only AF lock on the shutter button as I often focus and recompose.
Can’t be done with the RX100. You have to lock exposure before you focus if your focus framing would give a wrong exposure.

The RX100 works for me as a simple P&S with outstanding IQ. For more challenging jobs I use the V1.

The viewfinder of the V1 gets pretty dark in very low light especially when you have dialed in a minus EV comp.  But I find it still perfectly usable.
I have shot under conditions with flash where I had to use a LED flash light to compose and as focus assist light. Also with the RX100.

With the focal range of the RX100 I’m fine. I know that it has it’s limitations and my mind adjusts to that. I’m also fine with only taking with me the V1 with the 10-30 with even more limited range.
But give me a V1 with the terrific 30-110 and things get really rock ‘n roll.

Before anybody gets the impression that the RX100 is completely useless... it’s not.

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