D3x new: price question (Nikon marketing)

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Re: D3x new: price question (Nikon marketing)

Baudesign wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

A professional who needs a pro body and more than 16 MP may find the D3x worthwhile.

And who would that professional be? Someone who does not know that the D4 or the D800 is on the market?

D4 is 16 mega pixel. Robin clearly said someone who needs more than 16 mega pixel. And D800 does not have that same ruggedness that the D3X has. Just because you and I don't need it does not mean there is no one who needs that kind of body.

As for economics, if Nikon does not have a large number left in stock, it may make more sense to sell them off slowly than to sell them at a loss.

That is my questionning: I do not think that, at that price, they will sell just one single copy... considering the offering on the market: D4, D800 or other brands like Sony and Canon.

Even though the volume is very-very low, they are indeed selling it at that price.

This is why I would like to have a Nikon marketing guy trying to explain to me their strategy. Of course, I doubt that one will respond to my question. It just makes no sense.

Nikon marketing is doing something right. Otherwise, how can you explain the fact that Nikon is the only major camera company that exceeded their revenue targets the past quarter and gained market share in DSLR sales.

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