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Re: A Scratch disk always.

GO wrote:

I have a System and Programs SSD 120GB.

I have 64GB RAM, and a 180GB SSD P/S scratch and LR cache disk only.

I have 2TB 7200 work disk

I have 2X 3TB 7200 file disk

I can load a 2GB photoshop file and while in P/S, check the the scratch disk and it will have a temp P/S file on it of about 4GB to 6GB. And then check my RAM Monitor and it will show about 12 to 14 GB of that 64GB being used. Now after I close P/S that (4GB to 6GB)Temp File Will Disapear. And it may look like that scratch is not used however it is....

Working with with a file this size in P/S only, I have found that I am using only about 12GB max RAM and something like +/- 4 to 6GB scratch file.

Now when I bring up other programs, LR and Plugins for LR & PS my RAM usage goes up more. I am using the 180GB SSD for LR files in a folder also they don't disapear after closing LR, these are cache files for LR. The only time they disapear is when I clean the cache in LR.

I would say 80% of people that use PS & LR could get by easy with 16GB of RAM and a SSD 120GB as scatch disk and a 120GB SSD system & program disk + file disk with out any noticeable slow downs... For some that just do touch ups only, this maybe too much...

I say a scratch disk is always need no matter how much RAM you have. I've seen it first hand, so make it a fast disk like an SSD. The more programs you have open at once the more RAM you will need.

Photoshop pre-allocates scratch file space so when needed the program does not crash. It does that irrespective of your RAM size and it does not affect performance.

Having a fast SSD for scratch space is not a bad thing, but building a raid array is a bit too much when RAM is plenty.

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