D7000 quits while in interval timer shooting mode

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Re: D7000 quits while in interval timer shooting mode

Hi all,

My first post (be gentle!)

I hazard to suggest that the above information is incorrect. I found this thread whilst trying to work out why my D7000 would shoot a few frames of a sequence and then stop. I have found conflicting advice all over the net.

It seems that the interval is NOT the time from the start of one frame to the start of the next frame, but the gap between frames.

I am trying to create star trail photos by shooting a series of 30 second frames. I set the interval to 1 sec, the number of intervals to 999 and the number of frames to 1. I should get 999 frames, but the camera stops after a few frames.

I tried setting the interval to 32s (if this value meant the time between trigger events) and ended up with a gap of almost (but not quite) 32s between frames (useless for star trails).

I think there may be a bug in the camera software, so that the interval timer does not work properly with long exposures. It may be to do with the camera processing the image when trying to take the next shot; I am using JPG normal and have the NR switched off (and a good battery charge) and the image is written in a second or so when taking individual frames.

Anyhow, I think I am giving up with this method and have ordered a 3rd party cable release from fleabay instead. I can just lock this down and the camera will just keep taking images until the battery is flat.

Its a shame to waste a (recently rare) clear night with so few images to show for it...

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