Panasonic common problems

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Re: Panasonic common problems

Kevin Omura wrote:

utomo99 wrote:

is that correct that panasonic has some common problems

1. Red Eye.

2. Noise

3. Flash not good enough

especially on compact

and why they did not try to fix it ?

or please add your comments/ other known problems


Hmm lets see, when I worked in retail as a store manager for the largest camera supply chain in Canada I used to hear the following complaints about these new compact film cameras...

1 red eye

2 graininess and poor colours of high speed film

3 flash too weak

I think you have to consider the design limitations of the these small cameras. First off with red eye it's a matter of physics. The flash and lens are too close together therefore unless you can extend the flash away from the lens (which can then be easily snapped off) or make the body really big to get the flash away from the lens you will always have red eye.

Noise is also a factor of the limitations in sensor design. Things have improved massively but there will be apoint again where physics will take over and improvements will no longer be significant.

Flash not good enough, why many of the superzooms have a hot shoe.... again if you made the flash more powerful it will consume more battery power erg shorter run time for the camera. Also increase the likely hood of red eye.

I suspect at some point we will see LEDs start to replace flashes on compact cameras.

One way around this problem with lighiting may be to buy these little remote strobes that I pack in my kit. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries they are clear round bubbles with a flash tube inside and a slave sensor. I use them when I need a bit of a kick when shooting location and I don't want to use my flash kit with umbrellas and stands. Downside is they are easy to forget and leave behind.

about the red eye, why other cameras can give better red eye result ?

same about noise, why other brand can give less noise ? why panasonic can not give better result ?

It will be good if built in flash improved, so we can reduce the need of using external flash

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