"Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

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Re: "Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

The RX100 can do bokeh because its sensor is much larger than what is usually found in compact cameras and it has an f1.8 lens.


Ironically the RX100 can focus somewhat faster than alot of dSLR and mirrorless camera models.

"I'm afraid the learning curve and size of a DSLR would deter me even more."

I don't know if the learning curve would be a big problem but the size and weight are things that should be taken into consideration as the larger the camera the less portable it is and the less likely you are to be able or want to take it with you.

"But will I be disappointed with a "bridge" camera?"

Probably. All but several models have picture quality and "bokeh" no better than a mid end compact camera, and I doubt the Fuji X-S1 is what you're looking for in a camera.

If you do get an RX100 I suggest changing the "High ISO Noise Reduction" setting from "Normal" to "Low".

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