Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

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RX100 image bigger Re: Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

Gwen22 wrote:

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

On the picture you use ,the bottom of the bill (bridge ) show that the RX100 resolve more details despite shooting at higher ISO

Gwen, correct,

both cameras have same apperture at 28mm. (However, RX100 sharpness is not at its best at f1.8, so I think one will stop the lens down to get a comparable corner-to-corner preformance.)

The G15 lens is not perfect neither and there is the same amount of details in the RX100 corner than in the G15 center........

I was inspecting low light performance.

After ISO400-800 RX100 loses it's resolution advantage as you can see in ISO1600 RX100 vs ISO800 G15 sample I provided earlier ( it was from the center of the image in RAW)

Difference in details retained in the center of the image is invisible.

Corners will have a bit different story. Even same ISO will deliver no advantage to Sony.

I mean RX100 will beat G15 hands down in resolution in good light.

But after ISO800 and upwards it does not have that advantage anymore.

If we see the picture. the RX100 image is slightly bigger compared to other.

it can affect the user opinion (it will look better on same quality). what do you think ?

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