New build config. questions

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Re: New build config. questions

Jeff Kott wrote:

olakiril2 wrote:

So if you have 2gb of ram then raid0 of ssds might improve things with large files but you would be better off selling that second ssd to maximize the ram in that case.

I'm installing 32 GB of RAM (Mushkin 994069 Enhanced Blackline (4x8GB)

If you decide to raid 0 them make sure that trim function will be supported or else soon you will see a degradation of the performance.

Processor will be i7-3770 with Asus P8Z77-V MB - so trim function should be supported.

So olakiriril2, with that additonal information, do you think I'll notice much of a performance boost if the two Samsung 840 SSD's are configured Raid 0?

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Jeff Kott

I doubt it. If you are doing software implementation of raid then you might even see a reduced performance since you will be taxing your CPU for the raid computations.

Unless you need 512GB on C:/, I would avoid raid configurations since they usually create a lot of hassle.

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