D5200 - another Jurassic Park dino from Nikon

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Re: Nothing to do with marketing

If you look at the quote, it's not only viewfinder you were asking for.

And that's exactly what I am talking about - if you really need those features, you will eventually consider D7000 or its successor.

Nikon contiinue to put pixels over substance. Still the ONLY DSLR maker who does not support wireless flash/HSS or have a DOF preview button. They're stuck in a time warp with their cut down 35mm bodies. They also have the least compatibility of any maker with lenses ala no in body AF motor.

I have Nikon DSLR, and it does have a DOF preview button and wireless flash. Surprise! And, I believe, Nikon has a decent compatibility with lenses. e.g. Canon abandoned old lenses altogether with their new mount, and there are different lens types even among newer ones.

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