Loving the E-M5 add on grip

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Re: Loving the E-M5 add on grip

MichaelKJ wrote:

ulmer wrote:

I broke down and spent the $300 on the add on E-M5 battery grip. I think I'll leave the landscape grip on all the time and only occasionally add the portrat portion of the grip.

All this really give you is an extended handgrip with it's own shutter button and control wheel, but it's so much more ergonomically correct than the camera without it. No more strap lug in the way!

If you're on the fence, I highly recommend giving it a try.

While I really liked the feel of the vertical (portrait) section grip, I returned it for two reasons: 1) removing it to change the battery became increasingly annoying, and 2) I found it more difficult to access the dials.

I also tried the JM grip and the RRS grip and decided that the latter is most comfortable for me. Individual preferences clearly differ and it is great that we have several options.

Yes I agree. I'm still using my landscape part but hope to get rid as soon as I can. It pushes my index finger forward to an unusual angle and makes it difficult to turn the rear dial comfortably too. My hands are large, 90cm across the knuckles of four fingers. The RRS one seems good but I'm looking at an individual custom made one too - a one off.

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