7D doesn't work with my speedlite

Started Nov 10, 2012 | Questions thread
Hurricane Phil Senior Member • Posts: 1,050
Re: 7D doesn't work with my speedlite

Hi Nala,

My 550EX mysteriously stopped working correctly on my 7D, while I was shooting a low light wedding reception.  Fortunately, I had a 20D as a back-up, then I was able to compensate, by switching from Av to M.  It turned out that the 7D's contact had gotten dirty.  The only thing I had done recently was start using a Rode Videomic, which has a plastic hotshoe adapter.  Perhaps this somehow put a thin film of resin or oil (just picking at straws) on my contacts that was sufficient enough to corrupt the connections.  Anyway, I used a #2 pencil eraser to clean the contacts on both the camera and the 550EX, and it's been working fine, ever since.  Good luck,


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