D200 Guy seeks input from D800 Owners...

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Re: D200 Guy seeks input from D800 Owners...

Old Ed wrote:


I want to go FX soon. The question is: D600 or D800.

The D600 price advantage matters to me. So does the D600 weight advantage. And I am scared spitless of those 36mp file sizes. So the D600 would seem a no-brainer.

The file size worried me also at first - you certainly notice the increased file upload time to the computer.  Processing with Capture NX2 hasn't been a problem though even on my, now relatively old, quad core 32bit Windows XP machine.  One thing I do notice though is that the D800 is such a precision machine that I need to take fewer shots - the camera just gets a very high percentage of shots technically right first time so I find that I get a low wastage rate.

But wait, not so fast. DX lenses look ugly through the D600 finder. I heard somewhere that the D800 finder masks down to DX when using those lenses. True or False

True only in the sense that a black rectangular outline of the DX area is displayed.  The rest of the image is still shown and is not greyed out.

Also, I know that the D800 can shoot lower mp images. But I don't know whether the D800 is just throwing away pixels in those modes, or making good use of all pixels through some kind of averaging or binning. Could someone please tell me? I wouldn't feel at all bad shooting lower-mp-but-lower-noise images while saving up for my 100 TB supercomputer.

Sorry - I don't know the answer to this one either (I assume you are talking about the "basic" and "normal" jpeg modes which so far I have never used - I generally always shoot in RAW).  I would expect that binning probably is used, as many cameras do, but I don't specifically know in this case - one to throw open to the forum.

I also see the 4:5 aspect ratio choices as a huge advantage. (3:2 is nasty to my eye, and losing the 3:2 "shoulders" would be a perfect way to lose some unwanted mp.) Can anyone comment on whether 4:5 works well? And does it mask the finder in some way?

In any of the crop modes the viewfinder displays a rectangular black outline of the actual crop area.  The whole "FX" area image is still fully visible though.

Lastly, I wasn't too happy with the recently published D600 "teardown." It's construction seems more unserviceable/disposable than I'd like. I'd like to believe that the D800 is more serviceable, not just heavier. Does anyone know? Has anyone seen a D800 "teardown?"

Haven't seen such a "teardown" for the D800 but there are published photos on the web of some views of internals such as the magnesium alloy shell of the D800.  It's a very solidly built camera (Nikon classify it as professional grade) and likely to be very reliable.  By inference it therefore ought to be very serviceable (most pros like to keep their kit well serviced!).

Other D800 pluses include more/better controls, USB3, and maybe a few more. So the D800 is definitely in the hunt.

Yes, I'm aware of the whole left-AF issue, and Nikon's poor response. But I don't know whether there is any hard evidence that this problem is resolved in current production. Do any of you know? (Guessing won't help me.)

Plenty of users of the D800 (including myself) report no such auto-focus issue. I'm sure it exists in a few cameras but you can get a biassed impression from reading these forums as it tends to be the small % of people with problems who come here not the rest who don't have problems (probably the vast majority).  Do a search on this forum though becasue there are threads recently discussing this issue and quite a few people have responded to say that their sample D800/D800e is fine.

I received my D800 in late August and FWIW I have checked all the focus points on it with several different lenses and I cannot find any sign of this problem - all the AF points appear to work just fine.


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