New 35/2 IS beats MTF of 35/1.4L

Started Nov 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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It's not the lens, it's you.

Dan_168 wrote:

It doesn't take much to beat that 35L in 2012, the 35L was great for 1998 but technologies have advanced quite a bit over all these years, I have the 35L myself for many years, it served me well for in door low light and out door portrait for a long time but never really like it for my landscape works, so I had been searching for 35mm lens with great local contrast and edge performance, and I settled with the Zeiss 35 F2 and later the Zeiss 35 F1.4, now I hardly touch that lens any more. Sounds like about time for Canon to update that dinosaur.

If you can't shoot decent landscapes with the 35L, it's you, not the lens.

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