Educate me: Sony new Alpha such as 77 vs Panasonic GH series

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nzmacro wrote:

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Why Sony makes crap camera?

Because its the m4/3 forum, thats why

The A77 has the same sensor as I have in the NEX-7. What you can do with that sensor is crop the heck out of it and still retain fine details. Not perfect by any means, but pretty incredible really. The Sony DSLR's also have a superb range of lenses, depending on how deep your pockets are and how serious you are about what you do. Cost for certain subjects lenses wise, depends on what you want out of it. m4/3 doesn't have decent nature photography lenses or for fast action shooting.

If size doesn't matter and you are happy with the handling of DSLR;s, I wouldn't pay too much attention to what is said in here. Canon also have some fine cameras in that range as does Nikon. They also have the optics to cover anything. m4/3 doesn't. NEX is even worse unless you go with the PDAF adaptor to take the DSLR lenses. However, the NEX is very small and I doubt it would suit you.

So besides asking in here about it, there is nothing wrong with Sony, Canon or Nikon DSLR's if they work and fit what you want to do.

Video is not what I do, so can't comment on that. Lenses I do know for nature and action shooting. Sony, Canon and Nikon misses nothing in that department really.

All the best and good luck which ever way you go with it.


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Birds and macro. NEX and m4/3

Thanks the above.  I have a similar thread in the SONY forum as well.  And basically the replies have been very similar.  Also I watched a few online reviews.  Overall the A77 does have better image quality than the GH, but the GH3 seems to be remedying that. as for video, the GH line is superior.  I look forward to the GH3 vs A77 comparos.

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