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quezra wrote:

ChefAlex wrote:

This has no regard to my food photography. My issue was shooting at night hand held. Even shooting indoors with dim lighting. I have found that I wasn't getting good results and had many lost photo's. Other factors include the glass available and quality. AF speed and I found myself enjoying the larger body for my large hands.

Just to point out, EOS 650D has worse high ISO performance than the 550D. And I've shot with the 550D and it doesn't compare to the NEX-5N. So whatever you're doing wrong on the NEX, if you are still doing it on Canon you're gonna have thrown your money down a bad hole. As everyone has pointed out to you, better high ISO performance means full frame. No two ways about it.

I get pretty good results at night with anything faster than f2 on my 5N. I wonder what you don't like about your shots?

I can verify that ... I've a 550D and a friend recently got the 650D, and the IQ at even ISO 400 is better on the 550D.  The IQ on the 5N (and my old C3) is considerably better at all ISOs than those Canons, without even having to pixel peep.

Of course, there is lots to like about the Canons in terms of usability and handling, lenses etc. but IQ isn't one of them.  Full-frame is the next step up for IQ.

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