With a 60d, what are the two preferred lenses for wedding photography?

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Re: With a 60d, what are the two preferred lenses for wedding photography?

Absolute essentials or "two preferred lenses"?

If I was a 2012 wedding photographer on a semi-tight  limited budget with an APS-C camera I'd buy a Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 VC (stabilized) lens for the vast majority of pictures, and a Canon 55-250 EF-S IS lens for a few long shots.

And because with weddings you ALWAYS need some backup, I'd get a T4i with the 18-135mm video-friendly standard zoom. This lens would take care of groups too big / wide to be coped with using the 24-70.

If I did not already own a 60D, I'd buy two T4i cameras.

For a tight budget, one 580EX II flash and one 430EX II, but if there's more money, get to 580EX II flashes. Two light stands, two umbrellas.

You'll need editing software. Photoshop Elements works fine for stills: I have not tried it with video but I read this afternoon (in a Scott Kelby book) that Photoshop CS6 handles short vieo clips very well, for inclusion in wedding coverage, etc.

How you shoot a wedding, and how the clients want their weddings shot, has a great effect on camera and lens and lighting choices. North America and western Europe is full of amateurs doing dreadful jobs shooting weddings badly, pretending they are photojournalists.

Some photoraphers with fast hands will use several prime lenses on one body; some will use several primes on two bodies; some will use two biodies and a zoom and several primes, and so on and so forth.

NOW YOU'VE GOT ME THINKING: What would I do with a generous budget, if I returned to weddings?

Let's see (just fooling around here)

1 Canon 5D Mk III body

1 Canon 7D body

1 Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 VC lens

1 new Canon 35mm f2 IS lens

1 Sigma 10-20 mm f3.5 lens

1 Sigma 17-50mm lens

1 Sigma 70-200mm lens

1 Sigma 105mm macro

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