35 1.8 on a D600?

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Re: 35 1.8 on a D600?

jfk wrote:

I just tried my 35 1.8 on a friends D800 and it worked fine up through f5.6. Smaller apertures produced vignetting. I have to say the lens was amazing. Razor sharp with beautiful color rendition. I would try the lens on the camera first. You can always sell it later.


Exactly my sentiments; I always loved this lens's amazing look on my D90.  I plan to keep mine and have already tested it on the D600 with results similar to your's.  I see a niche application for the lens on FX, by using it when I would normally ad a vignette in post process.

I also am keeping this lens to use on my Olympus OMD.  I already use nikon glass on my M4/3, and I have ordered two adaptors for G lenses.  I'm also keeping the 55-200 for the same above reasons.

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