Pentax 560mm lens now listed on Adorama...any takers!

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Re: Sigma 400/5.6 and technique to approach small birds....

Russell Evans wrote:

miles green wrote:

I might have to try making a hide out of some cheap materials (camo net etc). I built a bird feeder in the yard today! Anxiously awaiting my 400 f/5.6 APO (which cost 1/4th of the VAT on a new 560). Maybe in a couple of years...

I think I would buy a Panasonic G3 for $330 and an adapter, as the lens is manual focus anyway. US $55 will rent you an Olympus E-M5 for a week to try out, so I might do that as well for a long manual focus lens. I've been thinking about a bargain Tamron Adaptal 300mm f2.8 for this, but have been waiting to see if a m4/3 camera will come out with focus peaking. A yard, a deck, and a bird feeder, why not a tripod and manual focus lens on a 2x crop body?

Thank you

If you're happy with manual focus, than that certainly works.. In that category, you can also look at digiscoping options, like putting your K-30 on a Pentax PF-65ED (680$ or 400 without eyepiece) or 80ED Scope (900$) with the PF-CA35 K-mount Adapter (350$) .

On the PF-65ED, that will give you 780mm FL (about 1200mm on APS) F/12, which equates to approx 600/5.6 for DOF....   If you feel funky, you can also take the 80mm scope and get 1500mm effective @ f/12.5 (and a very good tripod!)

Decisions, decisions...


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