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Another way

guybie wrote:

This is the first review where it is mentioned that AF is not really as it should be.

What a shame, such a great camera! Since i'm a birder, with a passion for BIF, i'm afraid i will be pushed to a Canon 7D.

I was hoping there would be an improvement comapred to the GH2, but...

I approached this in a totally different way realising with the G2 that m4/3 does not have the fixed prime lenses for BIF's to hold the fine feathering and eye details. I started using Hmmm, fairly expensive long fast legacy lenses and all of a sudden it started to make sense.

I know everyone in m4/3 wants fast AF, but after a lot of practise and shots going into the bin, you slowly learn the technique needed. You do need to be stubborn though. I now use focus peaking on the NEX-7 and it really is a boost in accuracy and speed for focusing with MF lenses.

I've said for awhile now that m4/3 deserves focus peaking, especially when we can get adaptors to take virtually any lens out there. So add focus peaking to a GH3 and I'm very interested. The only worry is the IQ mentioned in that review compared to the NEX-7. Us birders need to crop, a simple fact and especially for Bif's. There is no way around it and we need that extra IQ to get it. Hopefully for m4/3 the GH3 might just be the one

All the best and hang in there for a little while at least.


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